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Consolidate your payments into a complete system

With EasyPayment from MobilePeople, your business can easily receive payments through Subscription payments with card, Payment service, MobilePay, or Account-to-account, all through the same complete payment system.

MobilePeople offers a wide range of options in one integrated solution, where your users can choose their preferred payment channels – easily and conveniently. Payments can be made through links in SMS and email, self-service, direct payment in an app, or on a website.

Furthermore, take advantage of the opportunity for easy onboarding of your paying customers through our online dashboard, or use our API to access a wealth of payment solutions integrated into your system.

The EasyPayment system naturally provides you with an overview and insight into registered users and all pending and recorded payments.

EasyPayment supports all the common payment cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, and Dankort. All our solutions can be customized to your wishes and needs.

Subscription payments with card

If you want to charge a payment card more than once, it's a good idea to opt for subscription payments. This solution can be used in a similar way as when you sign up for a bill to be paid through a Payment Service.

Once you have entered into an agreement with your customer for a subscription scheme, a link for registration and payment can be sent to the customer via SMS and email. When the customer makes the first payment, they are also subscribed to the scheme, and charges will be made at the intervals you have agreed upon. Everything is easily managed through EasyPayment.

MobilePeople provides an API that can be integrated into your existing solutions, or the solution can be used via EasyPayment's web administration dashboard. The solution is also available for self-service on the web.

Instant Payment and Wallet Online

With EasyPayment's administration site, your business, call center, or customer service can make one-off payments while the customer is on the line. Send a payment link via SMS or email for payment via card or MobilePay, Applepay, VIPPS or Swish online. A payment request can also be sent directly into the customer's app, so the customer just needs to swipe, and you are notified the same second the customer has paid.

To add an extra layer of security for online payments with international cards, you can activate 3D Secure, which is a collective term for the security standards Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. The customer receives a one-time code via SMS, which is entered right after the customer has entered their card details.

Wallet Payment Subscriptions

NemPayment also includes Wallet Payment Subscriptions, where enrollment can be done by a customer service representative sending an enrollment link via email, SMS, or directly within the app - allowing the user to simply click the link and, with one swipe, pay the first bill and enroll in recurring payments.

Users enroll in recurring payments with a single swipe in Wallet Payment, and payments continue automatically without the user needing to swipe again.

You have full flexibility - you can determine the billing period and invoice date.

Just as you can track your customers' payments in real-time, allowing for quick response if a payment is declined.

If you need to invoice a one-off purchase between recurring payments, you can do that too.

With NemPayment's withdrawal engine, payments are scheduled to be withdrawn at the agreed intervals.

Installment payment

When you have entered into an agreement with your customer for an installment or payment plan, a link can be sent to the customer via SMS and email for enrollment and payment. Once the customer has made the first payment, they are simultaneously enrolled in the arrangement, and payments will be withdrawn at the intervals you have agreed upon until the full amount is paid.

The solution is available through a web interface/dashboard, self-service on the website, or integrated into your own system via the EasyPayment API. The solution can also be combined with the mass links module, which can send links via email and SMS to multiple customers simultaneously.

Watch the video here on how to.

With EasyPayment from MobilePeople, your company easily receives payments, whether through Subscription payments with a card, Payment service, MobilePay, or Account payment, all through the same comprehensive payment system.

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